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I highly recommend using Healthpath to help you on your health journey and it’s my hope & prayer that anyone reading this is inspired to try Healthpath too.


I have been very impressed by Healthpath. So far I have managed to improve my condition plus it has open my eyes to a simple and easy way to get better.


Seeing positive results already. Healthpath's support is excellent. A lot of free support via blogs and info etc. Integrity and genuine care for the customer. Well pleased.


Want to test for leaky gut?

Our Ultimate Gut Health test not only looks for leaky gut, but bacterial imbalances, parasites, yeasts, H.pylori and over 100 biomarkers.

The Leaky Gut Test assesses intestinal permeability alone – this is helpful for people who suspect they have a leaky gut and simply want to confirm it.

However, it can be beneficial to get more extensive insight into your overall gut health.

If you have a leaky gut, you need to know what is contributing towards it, or if it is not a leaky gut causing your symptoms, what else could it be?

Our Ultimate Gut Health Test is a good way to find out, as our most comprehensive test.

Test for leaky gut and more with the Ultimate Gut Test

Your leaky gut home test includes:

  • Leaky gut permeability profile, analysed by our accredited labs
  • Your bespoke test report with an easy-to-follow health plan
  • Assessment of your test results and symptoms by a qualified practitioner
  • Tailored supplement plan, based on your results and symptom questionnaire
  • Expertly designed leaky gut diet plan and health tips, designed to support your health journey

About the Leaky Gut Test UK


Collection method: Urine

Measures: PEG 400

Turnaround time: 15 working days

For this test, you drink a sugary solution and collect all the urine you pass for six hours afterwards. Through measuring the types of sugar that end up in your urine (each of which have different-sized molecules), we can work out if you if your gut is more permeable than it should be. You’ll then receive personalised diet and lifestyle advice to optimise your gut health.

Leaky gut test kit

Your results

Specific markers

Enjoy insight into your health data with easy-to-understand explanations

Tailored advice

Receive personalised, easy-to-follow recommendations for leaky gut syndrome from our registered practitioners

Extra resources

Benefit from expert guidance: the Healthpath Plate, Fundamentals of Health and Supplement Schedule

Associated symptoms

Chronic diarrhoea
Chronic stress
Chronic fatigue
Autoimmune disease
Type-2 diabetes
Liver disease
Poor immunity
Joint pain
Food sensitivities
Brain fog
High alcohol intake
Low fibre diet
Nutritional deficiencies
Mood imbalances

Or take our free leaky gut symptom checker

How Healthpath works


Get your kit

Order and receive your leaky gut test kit within 3 days. Fill out your symptom survey and tell us more about your health

A home lab test kit


Perform your test

Complete the leaky gut test in the comfort of your own home. Return your sample to the lab using a prepaid envelope

Taking a lab test


Personalised advice

Access your practitioner-reviewed results online. Receive personalised advice, supplement recommendations and extra health resources

Receiving lab test results
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Why Healthpath?

Certified Lab Partners illustration

Industry-leading tests

Our functional leaky gut tests are hand-selected to give you unique and useful insight into your biochemistry

A practitioner giving advice

Personalised advice

All results are reviewed by a registered practitioner, so you receive guidance that’s tailored to you

A demonstration of the extra support Healthpath offers

Ongoing support

From complementary resources to community, we’re there for you on your journey to back to health

Quick tips for leaky gut syndrome

An illustration to demonstrate a specialised diet

Eat whole foods.

Real, unprocessed food is free from the additives that can damage the gut lining.

illustration about relaxation

Take time to relax.

Stress is a known factor in the development of leaky gut.

example test of leaky gut kit

Take a test

This is an easy way to confirm whether leaky gut is playing a part in your symptoms.

Here's what our customers say.

Rated excellent 4.8 on Trustpilot and 4.8 on Google reviews.

Healthpath is an absolute must for anybody suffering from unexplained gut issues. I am only ten days into a two month written program of very clever supplement changes. By having the test I now know who the enemy was instead of guessing.

- Antoni


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Frequently asked questions

Is leaky gut syndrome a real condition?

Yes. Some degree of intestinal permeability, as it’s technically known, is normal. However, there is robust evidence that some people have guts that are more permeable than they should be [1]. There’s also evidence that increased intestinal permeability can contribute to a number of disease states [2].

Who should take the leaky gut permeability test?

This test is especially helpful for people who suffer from autoimmune conditions, digestive conditions and multiple food sensitivities. However, if you recognise yourself in any of the symptoms listed above, this test may be helpful for you.

Do you ship outside the UK?

At the moment we only ship to UK addresses. If you have a special request, feel free to get in touch.

What’s in the leaky gut permeability test kit?

1 x test instructions sheet
1 x request form
1 x 3g PEG dose
1 x empty sample bottle
1 x plastic postal carrier
1 x return address label

How do I take the leaky gut permeability test?

You can download full instructions here.

Do I need to stop taking supplements or medications before taking the leaky gut permeability test?

The results of this test may be affected by medication containing Movicol (Macrogol), diuretics and the supplement Seven Seas Zinc Plus Vitamin C. However, you must not stop any medication in order to take this test. Please speak to your GP first.

Is there anything I need to do before taking the leaky gut permeability test?

You must fast for at least 3 hours before taking the test. For this reason, most people find it easiest to take the test first thing on waking. The whole testing process takes 6 hours, so you’ll need to make sure you can fit it into your day. For more information, you can download the test instructions here.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t take the leaky gut permeability test?

You should not take this test if you’re suffering from diarrhoea or gastroenteritis. Wait until your digestion is normal before taking the test.

How long will it take to get my results?

Your results will be posted on your online account 10 days after the lab receives your sample. You’ll receive an email notification when your results are ready.

How do I view my results?

Simply log in to your Healthpath account here and click ‘Tests’. You’ll be able to access your results and personalised recommendations 10 days after returning your samples (sometimes sooner).

Why can’t I get the leaky gut permeability test through my GP?

Functional tests are highly specialised and currently not offered through the NHS. At present, the only option is to pay for them privately. We appreciate you want to spend your money wisely, which is why we only offer tests that are genuinely helpful.

How will I know what my results mean?

All your results data is accompanied by clear, jargon-free explanations. Our practitioners also review all results, providing personalised recommendations that are easy-to-follow and specific to you.

Can I buy a test for my child?

We do offer tests for children, but it’s important you work with a practitioner experienced in working with children.

Personalised, 1 to 1 support with a practitioner is safer and more effective when analysing test results for children and providing appropriate advice.

It is important to reach out to our team to discuss the test before you purchase.

Read about testing for children

Contact customer services

Can I claim the cost of the test on my private health insurance?

It’s possible, though you’ll need to check the details of your insurance to see what’s included.

Want to read more about Leaky Gut Syndrome?


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