Our approach to food at Healthpath

A lot of people think that it’s possible to get a kind of ‘prescription’ of what foods are perfect for them.

For example, ‘eat carrots, but don’t eat broccoli’.

Science doesn’t support this view: there are no credible tests that can accurately tell you the best foods for your body.


What we do know—and what is scientifically proven—is that the more diverse your diet, the more diverse your microbiome will be.

As we know a diverse microbiome is fundamental to great health, our mission is to get you tolerating the most varied diet possible.

Our library of food plans are designed around restricted diets for a period of time, to allow your gut to ‘rest’ from the most common irritants—like sugar and certain carbohydrates—before working towards a fuller food plate.

But strict diets are rarely a good idea, especially in the longer-term.

So, after that initial restricted period, we’ll guide and encourage you to a diverse range of food again by helping you to reintroduce foods back into your diet.

It might take time, but the research shows this is a sustainable path to improved health.

Will the plan have foods I don’t eat?

Our diet plates are designed to be helpful guides, rather than a rigid diet that you have to stick to.

If you see foods that trigger your symptoms, feel free to swap them for others and aim to reintroduce later.

While you don’t want to be uncomfortable, the goal is to be able to eat the foods you have a negative reaction to over time. A healthy gut tolerates a wide range of foods.

If you want to try to include a potentially problematic food in your diet again, we recommend that you slowly reintroduce one food per week, in small amounts at first, and monitor the effects.

The wider variety of whole, natural foods you eat, the better your gut health is likely to be.

So much more than food

Along with a food plan designed to support the repair of your digestive system, you’ll also receive an easy-to-read report and a personalised review from one of our experienced practitioners.

Our practitioners have changed the lives of thousands of Healthpath clients already, and we’re looking forward to helping you too.

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