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Here at Healthpath, we know how important it is to build your clients’ knowledge, and also to further your own. Healthpath Pro has everything you need in one place; a wide variety of tests, supplements, food protocols and resources can all be delivered directly to your clients. What’s more, our in-depth articles and expert webinars make it easy to keep on top of the research.

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Everything you need, in one place.

How we help you and your business:


We’ve partnered with pioneering labs to offer interpreted tests, delivered directly to your client dashboard.


Recommend supplement protocols with personalised advice and education—presented in an easy-to-follow schedule


Make food protocols in seconds using our bank of meal plans, shopping lists, recipes and cooking videos.


Recommend evidence-based resources to clients with one click, created by us, selected by you.


With in-depth articles and expert webinars, we make it easy to keep on top of the research.


Free support calls and test interpretation guides, giving you all the support you need to make a difference to your clients' health.

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Smart Insights

Easy-to-read test results, translated for you.


Quicker Protocols

Create online forms, protocols and resources in minutes.


Better Experience

Your branded clinic with everything in one place: better for clients, and you.

Features built for you

Designed by practitioners, Healthpath Pro makes it easier to focus on your clients and run a successful practice.

Practitioner Portal

Access easy-to-read test results, create client plans and online forms and access our library of free resources.

Client Portal

Create your client’s plan in minutes with our free diet protocols, extra resources and supplement recommendation tool.

Education Hub

Learn about testing technology, new research and interventions through our articles and webinars.

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