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The world is ready for a health revolution, and it is needed more now than ever before. Read about the Healthpath mission.

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The world needs a new approach

Here at Healthpath, we believe in the need to tackle the root causes of conditions—rather than simply treating symptoms.

Set of scales representing the healthcare budget

¾ of the healthcare budget

“It is estimated that already ¾ of the healthcare budget in the NHS goes on long term chronic conditions and the pressure is only expected to increase.” NHS

Diseases are increasing over age 65

66% of the population

“Within the next two decades, it is predicted that 66% of the population over the age of 65 will live with at least two life-changing diseases such as cancer or dementia.” The Sunday Times

1 in 2 Americans suffers from chronic disease

1 in 2 Americans

“1 in 2 Americans currently suffer from a chronic disease, with 1 in 4 suffering from multiple chronic diseases.” Center for Disease Control and Prevention

7 in 10 deaths are caused by chronic disease

7 of 10 deaths

“7 of 10 deaths are caused by chronic disease.” World Health Organization

All symptoms have a root cause

Functional Medicine is a pioneering approach to healthcare. It considers how genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors come together to affect an individual’s wellbeing.

This systems biology–based approach believes that all diseases and health symptoms have identifiable root causes.

Functional Medicine finds what each individual needs to restore balance in their gut and beyond.

Our values


We understand that chronic symptoms can make people feel helpless.


We immerse ourselves in the latest scientific research.


We celebrate the restorative power of connection.


We believe education enables people to take charge of their heath.


We think straightforward guidance can be life-changing.


We know people need honest and transparent help.

Our story

Healthpath was born from personal experience. Our founder, Richard Nehme, knows what it’s like to live with debilitating symptoms.

Says Richard: “I suffered with back pain from an early age. Despite visits to countless doctors, no one could tell me what was causing it. The pain intensified over time and slowly gave way to a host of other symptoms, including fatigue, depression and severe gut issues. I was so desperate that I was looking into stem-cell research when I came across Functional Medicine.

“The Functional Medicine approach was transformative. I went from expecting to take a pill to realising that my lifestyle needed shifting. It took time and dedication, but I am now symptom-free and happier than ever.

“My journey was a long one, but it was worth it. My goal with Healthpath is to make Functional Medicine accessible to all, so everyone can receive the support they need—and enjoy a much shorter path back to health.”


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