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We help people take charge of their gut health

Here at Healthpath, we believe that good health begins in the gut. We also believe that people shouldn’t have to put up with symptoms.

We use Functional Medicine to address the root cause of your gut issues—and show you how to achieve great gut health via smart, sustainable changes.


How we can help you


Indepth investigations

From advanced tests to lifestyle assessments, we take a holistic view to find the root cause of your symptoms.

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Personalised plans

Rebalance your body and life with food, supplements and lifestyle advice tailored to you.

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Ongoing support

Get the emotional support and expertise you need, from our live group sessions to easy-to-understand education.

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How it works

Real health through personalised medicine

We take a 360° approach for a healthier and happier life


Advanced tests and surveys to help you understand the clues your body is giving you


What you eat impacts every organ and cell in your body, and can help or hinder you


The balance you have in life has a direct impact on your mind, brain and body


Professional-grade supplements can add vital support to your health program


Better health can be a lonely journey, the right support is the magic ingredient


Taking charge of your own health is the best life investment you will ever make

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Healthpath changed my life

They provided indepth information about how to improve my gut health. I have so much more energy, so am able to do all the things I love. I also feel happier, so much more connected to other people, as well as making them happy too.

Abha Howson

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Super supportive

Healthpath give very clear step by step protocols following tests which support your symptoms and overall health, allowing you to break down the process into manageable steps and feel supported throughout the experience.

Hannah Kate

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Healthpath have been excellent

Great customer service, lots of free information and support but most of all affordable tests that have helped me to address health issues. I'd certainly recommend healthpath. Thank you.

Julie Ford

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Frequently asked questions

Why is gut health so important?

When it comes to your body, your gut is at the epicentre of the action. It’s your largest interface with the outside world, it’s home to trillions of health-supporting bacteria and it’s also where most of your immune system hangs out. What this means is that if something isn’t quite right in your gut, it can affect many aspects of your health. In fact, burgeoning research suggests that gut health is implicated in heart disease, type-2 diabetes, depression, autoimmune disease and many other conditions.

My gut feels fine. What has it got to do with my symptoms?

Our gut does far more than digest our food. Amongst many other things, it plays a role in making our neurotransmitters, it influences our hormones and it’s also home to most of our immune system. What this means is that if something isn’t right in the gut, it can show up in a number of ways—headaches, skin conditions, joint pain and more. To look at it another way: there are very few conditions that can’t be helped by addressing the gut. There is lots you can do to support your gut health so, whatever your symptoms, it’s a good place to start.

How can Healthpath help me?

We’re here to put you in charge of your gut health. If you’d like to dive deeper, you can take one of our tests. If you know what’s up and want to support it, you can explore our supplements. If you’d just like to chat to someone to know where to start, feel free to book a consultation.

You’re also very welcome to email us at with any questions.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a pioneering approach to healthcare that aims to put you in the driving seat. Whereas conventional medicine waits until something is wrong and then manages the symptoms, Functional Medicine is solution-focused. Through considering your diet, lifestyle and biochemical uniqueness, it enables you to address the root cause of a problem.

Is this different to my GP’s advice?

We see ourselves as a complement to your GP. Your GP has just a few minutes provide you with the best-possible advice, which usually centres around symptom-management. There’s more that can be done. We take the time to learn about you and your lifestyle, giving you personalised advice that addresses the root causes of your symptoms. We’re not knocking GPs—they deserve enormous respect—but we aim to give people an option that goes beyond symptom-management. That being said, you should never ignore medical advice. If you have any queries about how dietary and lifestyle changes may impact your current treatment plan, it’s important you speak to your doctor.

Why should I trust this advice?

That’s a good question, and we applaud you for being discerning about your health. You don’t need to take our word for it. Visit BANT to see the profiles of our accredited practitioners and check out the listings on The Institute for Functional Medicine.

We’re proudly evidence-based, so you can explore the primary research we’re reading on our blog. If you’d like clarification or references for anything else mentioned, feel free to email us at

Where should I start?

The best place to start is with our Symptom Survey. Complete our Symptom Survey.


What should I do if I have a question or an issue with taking my sample?

If you have any questions or issues with taking your sample according to the instructions provided, it is important you contact us before you send your sample to the lab.

Healthpath cannot guarantee to intercept your sample once it arrives at the lab and so it may still be processed.

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