Health should be more than symptom management.
We can help you feel truly, vibrantly well.


"All disease begins in the gut.”


Gut health character feeling ill

1 in 4 doctor's visits are down to digestive symptoms

People are often told that nothing's wrong, or they're given incomplete solutions.

Gut health character felling well

The gut is the seat of your health

It's home to most of your immune system, along with 100 trillion bacteria, and it talks to every single organ in your body.

Gut health character with an idea

There is a new solution

Functional Medicine has the power to transform your gut health and your life. We'll show you how.

So then, what is functional medicine all about?

Conventional medicine is problem-focused. It waits until something is wrong and then manages the symptoms.

Functional medicine is solution-focused. It addresses the root of the problem so that symptoms disappear.

Symptoms are just one part of the picture

Functional Medicine lifestyle


From diet to sleep, activity to relaxation, your lifestyle creates your body’s environment.

Functional Medicine genes


Your genetic predispositions affect how your body responds to this environment.

Functional Medicine physiology


The interaction between genes and lifestyle can cause imbalances in bodily functions.

Functional Medicine symptoms


Imbalances in bodily functions can show up as a sign of malfunction. These are symptoms.

What does this mean?


We review the latest scientific research


At Healthpath, we're on a mission to transform chronic disease