Shazia Shahid, MPharm, PG Dip

Medical review board member

Expertise: Pharmacy, Nutrition

Education: Aston University, De Montfort University, College of Naturopathic Medicine


  • Qualified as a Pharmacist in 2001, with a Post-Graduate diploma in Clinical Pharmacy in 2011
  • Experienced in community pharmacy, intermediate care and prescribing support in General Practice
  • Registered nutritional therapist with an interest in gut health

‘Recognising that we are complex beings, composed of multiple systems working in harmony and taking the whole person approach, has brought me greater fulfilment in my work.’


Practicing Pharmacy for over 13 years, working with several multidisciplinary teams and a wide range of populations, Shazia saw first-hand how many patients continued to experience sub-optimal health despite prescribed effective medication.

Her work in the conventional medical world looked primarily at symptom management and individual body systems and it was not until her studies in Naturopathic Nutrition that she saw poor health from a different perspective.

Recognising that we are complex beings composed of multiple systems working in harmony and taking the whole person approach allowed her greater fulfilment in her work, supporting people find their optimal health using this tailored approach.

Shazia believes that symptoms experienced by a person are a manifestation of the imbalances present in the body.

She is passionate about the approach functional medicine takes in getting to the root cause of symptoms and enjoys the challenge of working with the complexities clients may present with.


Shazia graduated from Aston University in 2001 with a Master’s (MPharm) degree in Pharmacy.

To further her pharmacy skills, Shazia also studied at De Montfort University in Leicester, graduating in 2011 with a post-graduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy. Shazia then went on to The College of Naturopathic Medicine, Birmingham to expand her knowledge in nutrition, graduating in 2019 with a Diploma (with distinction) in Naturopathic Nutrition.