Dr Agnies Calkoen, DTM&H

Medical review board member

Expertise: General Practice, Herbal medicine

Education: De Vrije Universiteit Medical School, Amsterdam


  • General Practitioner in Plymouth, UK, 1997 and 2021
  • General Medical Officer in Tropical Medicine, Zimbabwe 1994-1997
  • Trained at De Vrije Universiteit Medical School in Amsterdam, 1982-1990

Having experience within a National Health Service setting whilst being immersed in an integrated therapeutic approach allows me to bridge two worlds with some confidence.’ 


Dr Agnies Calkoen has over 30 years experience in mainstream medicine having trained in the renowned De Vrije Universiteit Medical School in Amsterdam from 1982 to 1990. 

Her training has led her to work internationally, both in the UK in the National Health Service (NHS) as a General Practitioner and as a General Medical Officer in Tropical Medicine in Zimbabwe. Agnies describes working in remote areas in Zimbabwe and other African countries to be a valuable and rewarding experience, which has made her a more humble practitioner. 

Her work as a GP has allowed her to develop extensive conventional medical experience, but she considers mainstream medical practice to only cover part of what makes us feel and remain well as individuals. She has therefore continued to learn, increasing her knowledge on other medical therapeutic disciplines, in both Energy Healing and Herbal Medicine, which she has found both deeply rewarding and herself and effective for patients. 


Agnies graduated with a medical degree from De Vrije Universiteit Medical School in Amsterdam in 1990. She then completed her General Practice training in Plymouth UK, training in healthcare of the elderly, palliative care, orthopaedics and psychiatry as part of the General Practice Vocational Training Scheme. 

With years of experience, and the strong belief that the worlds of conventional and functional medicine work best side by side to help chronic illness, Agnies has undertaken courses in various modalities including Herbology/Herbal medicine between 2012 to 2015 and Energy healing 2008-2011.