Covid-19 Operations Update

Postal delays – 14 May 2021

Please do be aware that due to Covid-19, there are some new reports of postal disruptions in pockets of the U.K. This situation replicates the first few weeks of lockdown in 2020, which improved quickly as various local delivery offices acclimatised to new lockdown rules.

While most of our customers are receiving test kits and supplements orders within 48 hours, we do recommend allowing up to 7-10 days for your order to arrive.

Don’t worry, when returning samples the accuracy of the results will not be affected, if delayed.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused, thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented situation.

The rest of our operations: we’re open for business

Healthpath remains open and fully operational to support all customers.

Everyone in the Healthpath team is set up to work virtually. We’re in contact with our partner labs daily, all of whom have taken extra measures to protect their staff and their operations.

Samples. All tests are being processed normally, please do continue to return any other samples that you had planned to.

Results. Except for any potential postal delays we aim to deliver all results on time for each product.

Products. Our supplements are still available for purchase and delivery. Any out-of-stock items will be marked clearly.

Our Gut Health Program is delivered online, without delays.

Customer services. Our customer services team remains available during usual working hours. Checkout our help centre for answers to all of your questions or get in touch at 

We support our partners efforts to protect their staff and thank you for your understanding of any potential delay in results.

We wish you health and happiness and remain at your service during the months ahead.

Best wishes,

The Healthpath team

Supporting your immune system

Have you been inundated with tips on social media tips about how to ‘boost’ your immune system? Here at Healthpath, our mission is always to give our customers accurate, evidence-based advice.

‘Boosting’ your immune system is a misconception. Your immune system is not like a dimmer switch that you can turn up or down! It’s an intricate and highly complex system.

Some of the more severe symptoms that emerge following infection (with coronavirus or something else) result from an overreacting immune system. In other words, it’s not the infection itself that gives you symptoms—but your body’s response to it.

An overreacting immune system not only damages the thing infecting you, but it can also damage your body. People who have autoimmune conditions know this, as their immune system habitually attacks their body—leading to difficult and debilitating symptoms.

Balance, don’t boost

With that in mind, we want our customers to know that you don’t need a ‘boosted’ immune system. You need a balanced one. The right combination of cellular fighters and peacekeepers enables your body to respond appropriately to threats, while keeping symptoms manageable.

To be clear, the tips that follow aren’t specific to coronavirus, as there’s still so much we don’t know. For the best advice on coronavirus, listen to public health guidelines. But, if you’d like to feel you’re taking action to balance your immune system, start here:

  1. Load up on fibre.
    Your gut microbiome—the 2kg mass of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes that live in your intestines—play a huge role in modulating your immune response. The best way to keep them happy is to give them a regular supply of prebiotic fibre. Go for asparagus, onions and leeks (if you tolerate them).
  2. Eat the rainbow. Polyphenols are special compounds that give fruits and vegetables their natural colour. Amongst many other effects, they can encourage your beneficial bacteria to bloom—so eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. This colourful recipe from our Gut Health Program can get you started!
  3. Optimise your nutrient intake. A properly functioning immune system relies on essential nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc and selenium. As well as eating a varied diet, now could be the time to invest in a good multi-nutrient supplement to keep your levels topped up. A high-quality probiotic can support your immune system too.
  4. Get sensible exercise. Regular exercise is another way to keep your body in fighting form. If you’re able to do this outside in the fresh air (while still respecting coronavirus guidelines), even better. Too much exercise can be detrimental to your immune system though, so use this as an opportunity to listen to your body.
  5. Prioritise your sleep. Adequate rest is essential for your immune system and your health in general. Use the time at home to perfect your bedtime wind-down routine. Warm baths and good books can come into their own here, and you can also try this soothing drink recipe from our Gut Health Program.

Focus on the positives

A pandemic is an unprecedented situation for all of us.

The disruption to the normal rhythm of our lives is unsettling, but it can also be a great opportunity to take stock and reset.

In the spirit of looking on the bright side, there are some huge positives to spending more time at home.

Reconnecting with your loved ones. It’s easy to take our loved ones for granted during the grind of everyday life. With more time on our hands, we can relax and check-in with one another. We can also have more fun. Charades, anyone?

Trying new recipes. The toilet roll may be gone, but fresh ingredients are still readily available in supermarkets and online—so why not cook that recipe you’ve always wanted to try?

Establishing a home exercise routine. If your gym is closed or far away, now is the time to experiment with home workouts. You never know, you may feel empowered when you realise you can keep fit without leaving your house. There are plenty of free workout videos on YouTube, and this fitness website is a great resource too.

Catching up on reading. Whether your tastes turn to a bestselling thriller or a comprehensive history of the Roman empire, now is the time to dive into a good book. The wonderful thing about reading is that you can access another world without leaving your sofa. Plus, Amazon is still delivering, and your Kindle could come in handy.

Starting that course. Is there an online course you’ve been meaning to complete? The internet means that even if we’re self-isolating, we can still develop and learn. Whether it’s mastering code or improving your gut health, there is a course for everything at your fingertips.

Listening to podcasts. If you’re getting a little sick of the news, podcasts are an easy way to feel engaged with the outside world. Tune into our very own podcast with host, Alex Manos as he explores the world of health including SIBO, ant-viral herbs and breathwork. Available on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Reaching out to others. There are many ways to chat with someone, even if you can’t be with them in person. Write that long-overdue catch-up email or organise a Skype date. Want to speak about your gut health? Healthpath offers virtual consultations—available wherever you are. We’re also running a free Q&A next week too.

Life is a journey, and this too will pass. We wish you health and happiness during the months ahead. If you need anything, please feel free to get in touch.

Best wishes,

The Healthpath team