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Here at Healthpath, we know that education is a valuable part of your development as a practitioner. But we also know that keeping up to date with research and industry events can be time-consuming.

Healthpath is here to help. Join our practitioner community, and stay informed with the latest education, easy-to-understand test reports, diet protocols and supplements.

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SIBO Breath Test

Use a lactulose breath test to investigate both hydrogen- and methane-dominant SIBO.

Essential Gut Health Test

Uncover bacteria, yeasts, parasites, H. pylori, inflammation and functional digestive biomarkers.

Advanced Gut Health Test

Get everything that's included in the Essential Gut Health Test, plus further pathogenic bacteria and zonulin. There's also the option to test for worms.

Leaky Gut Permeability Profile

Order a urine test to discover the presence and degree of intestinal permeability.

Adrenal Cortisol/DHEA Profile

Test for cortisol awakening response, diurnal cortisol and DHEA.

Finger IgG Finger Prick Test

Discover the IgG response to 64 common food sensitivities.

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Create your client’s plan in minutes with our free diet protocols, extra resources and supplement recommendation tool.

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Test reports

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Food protocols

Send your client shopping lists, recipes and meal plans at the click of a button


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