Brain Fog

Find out what causes brain fog—and what you can do about it.

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What is brain fog?

Brain fog is when you feel distracted or unmotivated—and you struggle to concentrate on everyday tasks. It’s a symptom rather than a medical condition.

Brain fog isn’t usually serious but can be linked to other conditions, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, thyroid problems and digestive disorders. It can also be triggered by poor diet, lack of sleep, stress and environmental toxins.

Each person’s experience of brain fog and feeling a ‘bit off’ will be different. Understanding the true cause is a vital step in reclaiming your mental clarity and focus.


What causes brain fog?

Lots of things can contribute to brain fog:

Leaky gut.

This enables bacteria and other toxins to leak into your bloodstream. The resulting immune reaction and inflammation can impact cognitive function.

Chronic stress.

This can have a profound effect on brain function. It can also contribute to poor memory.

Bacterial imbalance.

Our gut bacteria are in constant communication with our brain. If we have an imbalance in our bacteria, it can affect cognitive function.

Eating too much sugar.

This can cause a blood-sugar high and then a crash, contributing to low concentration.

Lack of sleep.

Poor sleep can leave us low in energy and foggy-headed, making it difficult to concentrate.

Thyroid imbalances.

Our thyroid hormones communicate with every cell in our body. Imbalances can influence our mood and ability to make decisions.

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3 natural remedies for brain fog

These three simple steps can help to combat brain fog:


Optimise sleep.

Poor sleep quality can influence mood and memory. Make rest a priority, reduce exposure to devices prior to bed and aim for 7–8 hours of slumber each night.

Coffee showing caffeine

Balance your blood sugar.

Food that quickly raises your blood sugar creates a roller-coaster effect, dramatically influencing your ability to focus. Reduce sweet and starchy foods and fill up on protein instead.

Sugary foods

Practise mindfulness.

Studies show that mindfulness—being present in the moment—can improve mental clarity.

Meditation for mindfulness

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