The Advanced Maxi Microbiome Profile

This advanced at-home test is best used when working with a practitioner.

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Why is this test advanced?



Our Advanced Gut Health Test offers everything that’s in our Gut Health Test: bacteria, yeasts, parasites and intestinal health markers. But it takes an even deeper dive into your gut health, testing for further pathogenic bacteria and leaky gut.

Because of the in-depth nature of the results, it’s best to work with a practitioner who can help you create a personalised plan to optimise your gut health.


What are the symptoms?

Floating stools
Sticky stools
Mucous in stools
Brain fog
Chronic fatigue
Sneezing attacks
Dry skin
White tongue
Food poisoning
Poor immunity
Use of antibiotics
Autoimmune disease
Chronic stress

About this advanced Gut Health Test


Collection method: Stool

Measures: Bacteria, Extra Pathogenic Bacteria, Yeasts, Parasites, Zonulin, Advanced Intestinal Health Biomarkers

For this test, you provide a small sample of your stool (poo). This is sent to a lab, where it’s analysed for a comprehensive range of microbial and intestinal biomarkers.

Using this information, your practitioner will be able to give you personalised dietary and lifestyle advice to optimise your gut health—and support your health as a whole.

This test is advanced and should be ordered in conjunction with dedicated practitioner support.


Advanced gut health test kit

How Healthpath works


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Order and receive your test kit within 3 days. Fill out your symptom survey and tell us more about your health

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Perform your test

Complete the test in the comfort of your own home. Return your sample to the lab using a prepaid envelope

Taking a lab test


Review your results

Work with your practitioner to review your comprehensive results. Make targeted tweaks to your diet and lifestyle protocol

Receiving lab test results

Your results

Microbial markers

Discover which bacteria, yeasts and other microbes you harbour

Digestive health

Check your digestive function and levels of inflammation

Leaky gut

Find out whether you have increased intestinal permeability

Why Healthpath?

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Industry-leading tests

Our functional tests are hand-selected to give you unique and useful insight into your biochemistry

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We work closely with practitioners to ensure you take the test that’s most relevant to you

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