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With so many test options out there, we know it can be a little confusing. Find out which is the right test for you.

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Know the difference

Here at Healthpath, we look at the big picture.

Working alongside you and your symptoms, all of our tests have been developed from years of expert knowledge. They’re designed to get to the root cause and use over 100 biomarkers.

You’ll discover more than just your bacteria, but also your immune response, digestion, inflammation, any nasties like parasites and pathogens, and so much more. Most companies only test your gut bacteria in isolation, which can be misleading, but we don’t want to overlook a thing.

What you'll get with us

A Hand-Picked Meal Plan

Lots of our competitors generate food plans using algorithms – with us you'll receive a hand-selected plan based on your symptoms and test results.

Free Support

Get access to ongoing support, Q&As and webinars, ensuring your journey to better health always runs smoothly.

We Give You More

Not only is your bacteria status tested, but we also test for parasites, moulds, fungi, pathogens, your immunity and much more.

One-to-One Advice

You'll benefit from one-to-one consultations with our qualified team, to make sure you’re fully equipped with the tools for better health.

Advanced Supplement Protocol

Whether there's too much bad bacteria or not enough of the good stuff, we pick supplements for you that target any imbalances.

Free Sample Returns

Unlike most gut testing companies, you'll get a super quick turnaround and won’t be charged a penny to send your sample off – that one’s on us.

Here’s how we compare to others on the market

Practitioner only tests
Competitor tests
Type of test
Turnaround time
Over 100 markers
Bacteria & Archaea
Dysbiosis Index
Pathogenic Bacteria
Yeasts, Candidas & Parasites
Digestion biomarkers
Inflammation & Immunity
Leaky gut biomarker
Practitioner feedback
Practitioner picked meal plan
Supplement plan
Lifestyle program
Ongoing support via an app
Qualified customer care team
Symptom assessment
Interest-free payments
U.K Based
Advanced test
Up to 15 days
Advanced test
Up to 17 days
Basic bacteria
£149 - £200
4-8 weeks

How does Healthpath work?

Stool sample

Step 1: Easy Collection

Our tests use stool samples, from the comfort of your own home. Just pop it in the post (for free) within 12 hours.

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Step 2: Industry-Leading Test Analysis

Our expert lab will analyse your sample using health biomarkers, then our registered nutritionists will create a tailored plan based on your results.

Understanding your test results

Step 3: Clear Advice & Results

Your results, diet plan, lifestyle advice and supplement regime will be ready to view within 15 days of completing your test.

Sounds great! But which test is right for me?

We offer a range of testing options to suit your needs – and we’ll always provide you with a tailored plan, designed specifically for you.

Healthpath essential gut stool test

The Essential Gut Health Test

The perfect choice if you have mild or occasional IBS symptoms.

Learn more
Advanced ultimate gut stool

Advanced Gut Health Test

Long-standing gut issues? This test will help you delve deeper into the causes.

Learn more
Ultimate ultimate gut stool

Ultimate Gut Health Test

Equip yourself with all the information you need to tackle chronic digestive symptoms.

Learn more

What do our customers think?

Rated excellent 4.8 on Trustpilot and 4.8 on Google reviews.

Absolutely chuffed I found healthpath. First of all their owner has been through some health issues and then healed himself so it's kinda a mission based company. Also, finally there is a company out there that measures your gut health in a easy and accessible way. The NHS wouldn't even run most of these tests unfortunately. So these guys are really onto something. There are soooo many people out there who should do these tests and look after their health. I am glad I am one of them!

- Philipp

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Frequently asked questions

I don’t have any gut issues. Do I need to take this test?

Our gut does far more than digest our food. Amongst many other things, it plays a role in making our neurotransmitters, it influences our hormones and it’s also home to most of our immune system. What this means is that if something isn’t right in the gut, it can show up in a number of ways—headaches, skin conditions, joint pain and more. To look at it another way: there are very few conditions that can’t be helped by addressing the gut. If you recognise yourself in any of the symptoms listed above, it may be worth taking the test.

Who should take this test?

This test provides information that simply can’t be gathered from a questionnaire or consultation, which means it could prove insightful for anyone. It’s particularly helpful for those suffering from digestive complaints, skin conditions and autoimmune diseases, and any other symptoms listed above.

Is this test worth the money?

We certainly think so. At Healthpath—we value evidence and trust, and this applies to all our products. Unless something can genuinely help you, we have no interest in offering it. We understand it can seem strange to pay for health tests (especially in the UK), but we also think that your health is one of the most valuable investments you can make.

Do you ship outside the UK?

At the moment we only ship to UK addresses. We’re looking to expand, so watch this space.

What’s in the test kit?

1 x test instructions
1 x request form
1 x stool sample preparation system
2 x transport tubes
1 x shipping bag

How do I take this test?

You can download full instructions here.

Do I need to stop taking supplements or medications before taking this test?

No. You must not stop any medications in order to take this test. Common supplements are unlikely to affect the results.

Is there anything I need to do before taking this test?

You must follow your normal diet a week before taking the test, as any dramatic changes in diet will lead to skewed results. You must also plan to take the test on Monday–Thursday, as the samples can only be posted back to the lab on these days. For more information, you can download the test instructions here.

How long will it take to get my results?

Your results will be posted on your online account a maximum of two weeks after you return your samples.

How do I view my results?

Simply log in to your Healthpath account here and click ‘Tests’. You’ll be able to access your results and personalised recommendations one week after returning your samples (sometimes sooner).

How will I know what my results mean?

All your results data is accompanied by clear, jargon-free explanations. Our practitioners also review all results, providing personalised recommendations that are easy-to-follow and specific to you.

Why can’t I get this through my GP?

Functional tests are highly specialised and currently not offered through the NHS. At present, the only option is to pay for them privately. We appreciate you want to spend your money wisely, which is why we only offer tests that are genuinely helpful.

Can I claim the cost of the test on my private health insurance?

It’s possible, though you’ll need to check the details of your insurance to see what’s included.

Can I buy a test for my child?

We do offer tests for children, but it’s important you work with a practitioner experienced in working with children.

Personalised, 1 to 1 support with a practitioner is safer and more effective when analysing test results for children and providing appropriate advice.

It is important to reach out to our team to discuss the test before you purchase.

Read about testing for children

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