Nikki Webster

Registered Nutritional Therapist

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Nikki Webster BA, DipCNM, mANP, rGNC is an experienced Registered Nutritional Therapist with a particular interest in digestive and hormone health. Her passion has come from her own personal struggles in these areas, where she discovered the power of nutritional therapy.

Nikki believes that given the right tools and time, we can nurture ourselves back to health, and she feels passionate about sharing her knowledge.

Nikki understands how frustrating it can feel when your health symptoms are dismissed. She works with clients to discover the root cause of their symptoms and uses the functional medicine approach to begin their journey to better health.

Specialising in

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist, Nikki works with all health conditions but specialises in the following:

Gut Health

The digestive system is complex, and it needs a multifactorial approach and often testing to target symptoms appropriately. All good health begins in the gut, and it is intrinsically connected to every other health system.

Hormone Health

Hormones control everything. The key is understanding your own pattern and ways to balance them. Our hormonal system affects every part of us and can be connected with other systems such as gut health and liver detoxification.

Stress and fatigue

People often present with abstract symptoms which ultimately are due to chronic stress. Recovery from stress and fatigue is fundamental for health and wellbeing. Gladly, nutrition and supplements offer fantastic benefits.

Success stories

“My experience with Nikki was incredibly helpful. I was able to explain confidential issues I have had over years comfortably with Nikki who then quickly came up with several things I could do to improve my symptoms, considering my lifestyle and financial situation. Nikki’s wealth of knowledge and extreme compassion & understanding of my issues was a great relief to me. The plan she gave me very quickly enabled me to manage my symptoms, so I now have gained control and knowledge about how to look after my gut! I couldn’t recommend Nikki more: such a relief that help like her exists!”


"I came to Nikki last spring because I was suffering from ulcerative colitis and wanted to work on improving several symptoms that I had been living with for a while. The result has been that my ulcerative colitis has gone into remission, my most recent blood test showed improved levels of nutrients, and my symptoms have improved and in some cases disappeared. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their health or specific health issues through diet, lifestyle, and supplements."


“I came to Nikki in a moment of darkness last year and without her advice and knowledge, I would not be the person I am today. This year I am happy, fully, for the first time in years and she was a huge part of that. She helped me find my passion for wellbeing again, one I always knew was there but neglected for years because I was ‘too busy’. Now I take a completely different attitude, knowing that what goes in is the most important factor”.