Dr Jenna Macciochi

Immunologist and Nutritional Therapist

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Dr Jenna Macciochi BSc PhD and Fellow of Higher Education Academy is an Immunologist with a specific focus on diet and lifestyle.  She has a PhD in allergic diseases and has worked in arena of chronic inflammation, gut health and autoimmunity.

In addition to her one-to-one work with clients, Jenna is a Lecturer at The University of Sussex and a qualified fitness instructor.


Specialising in

Jenna can offer support to a wide range of clients but has particular expertise in Gut health, autoimmunity, inflammation and allergy.


Our gut health affects so much more than our digestion. It's the cornerstone of all health—and a good place to start when addressing any condition.


Our Immune system controls vital process that our body goes through to mount a response to an infection. But sometimes immune responses go awry, fighting our own bodies (autoimmunity) or benign things in our environment (allergy). Addressing triggers and lifestyle can help tame unruly immunity.


We need inflammation! It's a vital process that our body goes through to mount a response to infection. But it's only designed to be short term. Resolve unexplained symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog by addressing the root causes of hidden inflammation in your body.

Success stories

Since my first appointment when I was literally broken from my autoimmunity, there has been a dramatic and major transformation mentally and physically with my heath! With the right blood work tests and full medical history, Jenna was able to form a complete picture of what was going on with me and prescribe a diet and supplement plan that has improved my day-to-day wellbeing


Jenna has transformed my digestion and as a consequence I've never felt more energised


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