Alex Manos

Registered Functional Medicine Practitioner

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Alex Manos BSc MSc NASM IFMCP is one of the few Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioners in the UK. He has a master’s degree in Personalised Nutrition, for which he completed his dissertation on cortisol resistance in chronic fatigue syndrome. Alex also has a first-class degree in Nutritional Therapy and has completed Dr Siebecker’s certification in SIBO treatment.

Away from his one-to-one work with clients, Alex lectures at various institutions and has been a clinical supervisor and mentor in the health and fitness industry.



Specialising in

As a fully qualified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Alex can offer support to a wide range of clients. He has the most experience in the following:


A complex yet common condition, small intestine bacterial overgrowth is often associated with IBS. People often find that tackling SIBO alleviates a host of other symptoms.


This can be a debilitating condition, and it plays out differently in everyone. Addressing all aspects of a person's lifestyle is the way to take back control.


Forget counting calories. A whole-person approach is the best way to reach a happy, healthy, sustainable weight.

Success stories

“Alex's knowledge and ability to understand nutrition and lifestyle as one big picture makes him unlike anyone I've spoken to before. He dug deep into my health issues and was both highly professional and understanding about my needs, creating a custom approach to improve my health and performance. Thanks, Alex!”


“Alex is an exceptional practitioner who has helped me to navigate many health challenges. When I first began communicating with Alex, I was a shadow of my former self, housebound and operating at around 25%. In the last 11 months I have gone from strength to strength with his guidance, and now on track to reach 85–90% by the end of the year. I feel very lucky to be working with Alex.”


“I cannot thank Alex enough for all his help. What started as a discussion around allergies developed into a conversation regarding my overall stress state, my constant fatigue and IBS/SIBO symptoms, with which I had been suffering in silence for years. He has taken me on a journey that I am so grateful for, and I feel a thousand times better than I ever thought possible.”