Ruth Blake
Integrative Counsellor

Counselling, Mindfulness, Somatic Processing, Inner Child Work

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About Ruth

Ruth offers a gentle, grounded and supportive space for those who are experiencing difficulties such as stress, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

Her practice is grounded in Person Centred Therapy which holds that everyone has an inner compass to guide their own healing and growth. She draws on a wealth of different tools and techniques to respond to the unique needs of each client. These tools include inner enquiry, mindfulness, guided meditation, somatics, CBT, breathing techniques, sound and voice work, inner child work and creative expression.

By holding a space grounded in empathy, congruence, non-judgement, respect and curiosity, Ruth assists her clients to capitalise on their natural strengths whilst exploring and integrating hidden parts of the psyche such as internalised negative beliefs or unprocessed emotions.

Relevant qualifications:

  • Level 4 Advanced Diploma in Counselling (NCS Accred.)
  • Diploma Naturopathy (CNM)
  • Diploma Nutrition (CNM)
  • Certificate in Integrative Energy Healing (FIEH)

Specialising in:

Low self-esteem, finding your voice

Ruth provides a safe and non-judgemental way to explore how early experiences and learnt deep-seated beliefs are manifesting in your life at present, so that you can develop compassion and understanding for yourself. It is an opportunity to become your own ally and express yourself more authentically in the world.

Stress, anxiety, overwhelm

Stress and overwhelm can be healthy responses to modern living. We were not designed to cope with the conditions we've been taught not only to cope with, but to strive to maintain. Ruth helps to unravel the societal myths and help you rediscover your own natural rhythms by reconnecting with your inner knowing.

Connecting to passion and purpose

Do you know why you're here on earth? Do you feel lost or lacking in a sense of meaning or purpose? Ruth provides a safe way for you to explore your gifts as well as your fears and blocks, tune into the whisperings of your soul and cultivate the courage to follow where it leads.