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We’re here to educate you, so you know where to start. If we feel that Healthpath isn’t the best choice for you, we’ll refer you to other experts who can help.

Most of our clients have been to see their local GP as a first port of call. They’re now hoping to understand what’s contributing to their symptoms. Most of all, they want to know how they can feel better.

Our team will start by getting to know you. What are your symptoms? When did they start? What have you tried so far?

After this, we’ll help you to understand the workings of the digestive system and the link between gut health and other symptoms. If we feel that a test would help you, we’ll make a recommendation. If a Healthpath test isn’t right for you, we’ll arm you with enough information to start your journey back to health.


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Frequently asked questions

Who are Healthpath?

Healthpath was born from personal experience. Our founder, Richard Nehme, knows what it’s like to live with debilitating symptoms.

Says Richard: “I suffered from back pain from an early age. The pain intensified over time and slowly gave way to a host of other symptoms, including tiredness, depression and severe gut issues. I spent ten years surviving on painkillers, sleeping tablets and laxatives. And I just couldn’t get any answers from my GP, beyond a repeat prescription.

When I found the answers—using a Functional Medicine approach—it revolutionised my life. I went from expecting to take a pill to realising that my symptoms had a root cause and my lifestyle needed shifting. It took time and dedication, but I am now symptom-free and happier than ever.

My own healthpath helped me to see that there are millions of people around the world suffering unnecessarily from all types of chronic conditions. Functional Medicine represents a credible solution. I have made it my mission to bring about this much-needed, accessible approach to Functional Medicine, so everyone can receive the support they need—and enjoy a much shorter path back to health.”

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a pioneering approach to healthcare that aims to put you in the driving seat. Whereas conventional medicine waits until something is wrong and then manages the symptoms, Functional Medicine is solution-focused. Through considering your diet, lifestyle and biochemical uniqueness, it enables you to address the root cause of a problem.

Is this different to my GP’s advice?

We see ourselves as a complement to your GP. Your GP has just a few minutes provide you with the best-possible advice, which usually centres around symptom-management. There’s more that can be done. We take the time to learn about you and your lifestyle, giving you personalised advice that addresses the root causes of your symptoms. We’re not knocking GPs—they deserve enormous respect—but we aim to give people an option that goes beyond symptom-management. That being said, you should never ignore medical advice. If you suspect you have a medical problem, always consult your GP first.


Why should I trust this advice?

That’s a good question, and we applaud you for being discerning about your health. You don’t need to take our word for it. Visit BANT to see the profiles of our accredited practitioners and check out the listings on The Institute for Functional Medicine. We’re proudly evidence-based, so you can explore the primary research we’re reading on our Blog. Most importantly, any representative that you speak to at Healthpath has experienced their own health challenge—so we know how you feel. Healthpath is a purpose-driven company. We want to help you.


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