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Find out if food is contributing to your symptoms using a simple finger-prick food intolerance test.

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Your home food intolerance test includes:

  • IgG Antibodies to the 64 most commonly reactive Foods
  • Analysed by our accredited lab partners
  • A full review of your food intolerance test results and symptoms by a qualified practitioner
  • Comes with your bespoke report with easy to digest insights
  • Tailored supplement plan, based on your results and symptom questionnaire
  • Expertly designed food lists and mini Healthpath education program, designed to support your health journey

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About the Food Intolerance Test


Collection method: Blood

Measures: IgG Antibodies to 64 Foods

Turnaround time: 10 working days

For this test, you simply collect a small amount of your blood by pricking your finger. This blood is then sent to a lab to be measured for IgG antibodies. Based on the results, you’ll find out which foods may be problematic—and also whether your digestion is working optimally. Tailored advice will help you create a way of eating that works for you.


Your results

Specific markers

Enjoy insight into your health data with easy-to-understand explanations

Tailored advice

Receive personalised, easy-to-follow recommendations from our registered practitioners

Extra resources

Benefit from expert guidance: the Healthpath Plate, Fundamentals of Health and Supplement Schedule

Associated symptoms

Abdominal pain
Chronic fatigue
Sneezing attacks
Mucous in stools
Joint pain
Respiratory problems
Brain fog
Runny nose
Itchy skin

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How Healthpath works


Get your food intolerance test kit

Order and receive your private food intolerance test kit within 3 days. Fill out your symptom survey and tell us more about your health

A home lab test kit


Perform your food intolerance test

Complete the food intolerance test in the comfort of your own home. Return your sample to the lab using a prepaid envelope

Taking a lab test


Review your results

Access your practitioner-reviewed results online. Receive personalised advice, supplement recommendations and extra health resources

Receiving lab test results
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Quick tips for food sensitivities

illustration of food diary

Keep a food diary.

This can help you to see patterns between foods and symptoms.

Gut with food in it

Chew your food thoroughly.

Well-chewed food reduces the burden on your digestive system.

illustration of test kit for food sensitivities

Take a test

This can be a useful tool to help you work which foods are best for you.

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Why Healthpath?

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Industry-leading tests

Our functional tests are hand-selected to give you unique and useful insight into your biochemistry

A practitioner giving advice

Personalised advice

All results are reviewed by a registered practitioner, so you receive guidance that’s tailored to you

A demonstration of the extra support Healthpath offers

Ongoing support

From complementary resources to community, we’re there for you on your journey to back to health

What are food sensitivities?



Occasionally, large fragments of food are able to pass through the gut wall. These fragments are called ‘antigens’. Your immune system recognises antigens as foreign and creates antibodies (known as IgG) that attach to them. These antigen-antibody complexes are deposited in body tissues, where they contribute to a range of symptoms.

By measuring the types of IgG in the blood, it’s possible to work out which foods you may be reacting to. It also gives clues about the integrity of your gut.


Frequently asked questions

Is food sensitivity testing legitimate?

Yes, we believe there is real value in food sensitivity testing if you know how to interpret the results. Rather than focusing on specific foods, it can be helpful to look at the overall picture presented by the results. If you find you’re sensitive to lots of foods, for example, it could mean that your gut health needs addressing. You may also wish to consider the Leaky Gut Test and the Gut Health Test. Feel free to get in touch with us at hello@healthpath.com if you’d like further guidance.

Will I have to give up lots of foods?

Not necessarily. If you find you have lots of foods in the ‘red’, it can be more helpful to focus on improving your gut health rather than subjecting yourself to extreme dietary restrictions. Our food intolerance test reports explain this in full detail. If you’d like to know more, feel free to get in touch with us at hello@healthpath.com

Who should take the food intolerance test?

People who feel they’re reactive to lots of foods may find this test helpful. If can also be helpful for people who suspect they have food sensitivities but can’t seem to establish any pattern to their symptoms.

Do you ship outside the UK?

At the moment we only ship to UK addresses. We’re looking to expand, so watch this space.

What’s in the food intolerance test kit?

1 x food intolerance test instructions
1 x sample transport tube
1 x sterile swab
2 x sticking plasters
1 x blood collection tube
2 x safety lancets
1 x disposal bag
1 x clam-pack
1 x request form
1 x prepaid return envelope

How do I take the food intolerance test?

You can download full instructions here.

Do I need to stop taking supplements or medications before taking the food intolerance test?

This test may be affected by immunosuppressant medications. However, you must not stop any medications in order to take this test. Please speak to your GP first.

Is there anything I need to do before taking the food intolerance test?

You must follow your normal diet before taking the food intolerance test. However, if there’s a food that you’ve avoided for more than 3 months but which you would like tested (e.g. cow’s milk), reintroduce that food. Eat one portion of the food daily for a week before taking the test. For more information, see the test instructions.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t take the food intolerance test?

Pregnant women should not take this test as their immune system is suppressed. It should be fine to take the test 4–6 weeks after giving birth.

How long for food intolerance test results?

Your results will be posted on your online account a maximum of one week after you return your samples.

How do I view my results?

Simply log in to your Healthpath account here and click ‘Tests’. You’ll be able to access your results and personalised recommendations one week after returning your samples (sometimes sooner).

Why can’t I get this through my GP?

Functional tests are highly specialised and currently not offered through the NHS. At present, the only option is to pay for them privately. We appreciate you want to spend your money wisely, which is why we only offer tests that are genuinely helpful.

How will I know what my results mean?

All your results data is accompanied by clear, jargon-free explanations. Our practitioners also review all results, providing personalised recommendations that are easy-to-follow and specific to you.

Can I claim the cost of the private food intolerance test on my private health insurance?

It’s possible, though you’ll need to check the details of your insurance to see what’s included.


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