Victoria Fenton

Registered Functional Medicine Practitioner

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Victoria Fenton is a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner, and an expert in connective tissue disorders and their co-existing conditions. She has extensive experience in holistic healthcare: supporting patients with complex, chronic illness using an approach which combines the deeply practical elements of physical optimisation along with trauma resolution, inner work and addressing mindset and perspectives.

Victoria began working in Functional Medicine because of her own experience with a complex genetic condition and its multiple comorbidities. She has always aimed to be the practitioner that she most needed as she was attempting to find a route to healing.

Specialising in

Victoria works with patients with a wide variety of conditions, specialising in the following:

Multiple sensitivities

It is becoming more common for people to eliminate a few foods to resolve a health issue, only to end up on a very restricted diet, reacting to a vast array of foods, chemicals and other substances. Expanding the diet and lowering reactions requires a holistic approach to identifying root causes and supporting the body’s adaptation to stimuli.


Often emanating from several root causes, autoimmunity indicates the immune system no longer knows what is safe and/or foreign to the body. Resolving the root causes of such issues is a unique journey for each patient, requiring an approach which looks at systems, not just symptoms. Doing so can both halt the progression of—and completely reverse—illness.

Complex digestive disorders

Often, digestive conditions spiral into becoming complex issues, made up of many underlying symptoms/illnesses: from IBS and SIBO to the rarer conditions of gastroparesis (delayed stomach emptying), achalasia (oesophageal dysmotility) and reflux. Addressing such issues requires a holistic approach looking at gut biome, nutrition and often nervous system dysfunction to support healing.

Success stories

”I came across Victoria by chance on a Facebook forum for autoimmune issues. I’d been battling chronic fatigue and gut issues for over eight years. I had seen various doctors and many nutritionists over the years with varying diagnosis and treatments. After my initial consultation with Victoria I implemented her recommendations and within a few weeks I felt like a different person!”


“Victoria has given me an amazing service, in that she has not only cleared my SIBO as desired but she has taken the time and energy on working with my emotional health as well. With her extreme knowledge, expert skills, guidance and most of all, care of me as an individual, I have gained far more from our sessions than I thought possible and this has put me in good stead for my mind-body connection for the future.”


“Victoria is an absolute star! I am literally so grateful that I found her. She is very down to earth and I just felt instantly comfortable with her and somehow knew that I could trust her and her judgement implicitly. She is extremely professional, and way beyond supportive. I feel very lucky to finally be in such capable hands.”


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