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Registered Nutritional Therapist

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Martin Cohen DipCNM mBANT mCNHC is a Registered Nutritional Therapist who has specialised in digestive health since the beginning of his career. After graduating in 2016 from London’s College of Naturopathic Medicine his holistic approach to tackling gut issues has helped many people to gain control over debilitating symptoms by identifying and tackling the root cause.

As a professional musician, Martin spent his twenties in the back of vans, eating beige food and drinking lots of beer. When he started to notice the impact his lifestyle was having on his health, he started experimenting, not with drugs but with whole foods and taking care of his body and mind. This changed his life, transforming his energy levels, sleep and mood and led him back to college to study a diploma in nutritional therapy.

Martin’s experience of how digestive issues can impact our overall health—and, in turn, how imbalances in other areas such as hormones or immunity can impact our digestive health—allows him to connect the dots and restore balance for his clients. 

At home, Martin plays guitar, reads books (Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy is his all time favourite), researches his client cases and still does his very best to get to bed on time.

Specialising in

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist with broad and deep experience in optimising gut health for a wide range of clients, Martin specialises in the following:


IBS is the name given to a collection of gut symptoms with no known cause. However, research tells us that there are many different possible causes of IBS. Finding and tackling them is key to long-term relief.


Diet and lifestyle have been proven time and time again to have a massive impact on the two different but related autoimmune conditions of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Every client has their own individual symptom profile and therefore their own route to symptom improvement.

Digestive symptoms

Distressing digestive symptoms can appear to come out of nowhere with no identifiable cause. Digging deep into a client’s health history reveals clues that can piece together the puzzle and reveal root causes of imbalance.

Success stories

“After living with unpredictable bowel habits for around 18 months I visited Martin. He was quick to make gentle adjustments to my diet which resulted in my main symptoms of gas and bloating dramatically reducing. Over the following sessions we identified troublesome foods and the underlying issue.”


“Working with Martin has been massively beneficial for me. I came to him with IBS related issues and he was able to guide and advise me to a place where I am largely now symptom free over a course of a few weeks.”


“Martin sorted my digestion problem out very quickly! I had suffered for 10 years and my GP had never really addressed the root cause! Martin joined up the dots..... and suggested a change in one common food. Within weeks the problem was fixed! It is now 12 months later and my digestion is the best it has ever been.... problem resolved. Many many thanks Martin, you are magic!”


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