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A simple at-home stool test, just collect a single sample and send it to the lab using a simple freepost return.

Your practitioner will receive the results within 14 working days, including an in-depth report to show how your gut health is impacting your overall wellbeing. 

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[alternate_title] => The MIDI Microbiome Profile [daily_capsules] => [taken_for] => [instructions] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [path] => products_content/hp_gut_health_brochure_1220_final_pqyH7onVy.pdf [originalName] => hp_gut_health_brochure_1220_final.pdf [mime] => application/pdf ) ) [instructions_url] => [background_image] => products/hero_product_bg_ddziwblon_MUAxHUQBN.png [thumbnail_image] => products/kit_gut_health_srktrq8cn_3ZgqFW4Ci.png [sku_legacy] => disc-stool [faq] => [wp_url] => [summary] =>

Your gut is an ecosystem. It contains trillions of bacteria (your ‘gut microbiome’), which play a role in your bodily functions. When your gut microbiome is out of balance, we call it dysbiosis, and it can contribute to everything from bloating to autoimmune conditions.

[prac_summary] => Being able to understand both the microbiome and the functional capacity of someone's digestive system, makes this report especially effective because it allows for very personalised and effective lifestyle strategies. [is_bundle] => [postage_fee] => 3.80 [vendor_fee] => 153.00 [dashboard_description] =>

Useful for those with mild to occasional IBS symptoms, our Essential Gut Health test uses a combination of 16s rRNA sequencing, qPCR testing and culturing to give comprehensive and extensive insight into gut health, via a non-invasive stool sample.

As our most accessible gut test, it analyses the most essential markers, such as calprotectin and secretory IgA, needed for a basic but accurate overview of your gut health.

View sample report

Download instructions

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Congratulations on getting this far. I have reviewed your symptom survey and test results to create your personalised program.

Please read through my commentary below and watch the video above to understand more about your results.

The recommendations are appropriate for your symptoms such as x, y, z, while dealing with any underlying imbalances, via food, lifestyle and supplement changes. 

Key findings

When viewing your test results, keep in mind that the microbiome is a new and complex area of science. You do not need to see ‘out-of-range’ markers as a diagnosis. Rather, see them as suggestions to focus on a particular aspect of health.

Your in-range markers include:

  1. A good stool pH - this helps prevent pathogenic (unfriendly) bacteria from colonising the colon.
  2. Good microbiome diversity - one of the most important metrics of gut health.
  3. Good levels of butyrate producing bacteria - butyrate helps maintain a healthy gut wall.
  4. Normal levels of potentially pathogenic (unfriendly) bacteria
  5. Normal levels of candida
  6. No parasitic infections
  7. Normal pancreatic elastase (indicating normal production of digestive enzymes from the pancreas)
  8. Normal calprotectin (indicating no inflammation)
  9. Normal zonulin (indicating no leaky gut)
  10. Negative for H Pylori (a bacteria that colonises the stomach)

Your out-of-range markers include:

  1. An acidic stool pH - this may indicate carbohydrate maldigestion.
  2. An alkaline stool pH - this may be related to low levels of bacteria such as Bifidobacteria and butyrate producing bacteria.
  3. Low microbiome diversity
  4. A high dysbiosis index (meaning a high level of imbalance in the microbiome)
  5. Low levels of Bifidobacteria and key butyrate-producing (friendly) bacteria
  6. Elevated levels of potentially pathogenic (unfriendly) bacteria
  7. Elevated levels of hydrogen sulphide producing bacteria - often resulting in high levels of flatulence
  8. High levels of histamine-producing bacteria - often associated with diarrhoea and abdominal pain
  9. High levels of methanobrevibacter - often associated with constipation
  10. High levels of candida 
  11. A positive result for the parasite Blastocystis hominis.  There are several subtypes of this organism, not all of which need addressing.
  12. A positive result for the parasite Dientamoeba fragilis.
  13. High secretory IgA (indicating immune activity)
  14. Low secretory IgA (indicating compromised immunity in the gut)
  15. Low pancreatic elastase (indicating low production of digestive enzymes from the pancreas)
  16. Elevated calprotectin (indicating inflammation)
  17. Elevated zonulin (indicating leaky gut)
  18. Positive for H Pylori (a bacteria that colonises the stomach)

To learn more about your out-of-range markers, visit the ‘Out of range’ page on your dashboard.

We recommend informing your GP about the low pancreatic elastase marker, as they may like to investigate this further. This can often be the result, however, of a bacterial imbalance in the small intestine.

We recommend informing your GP about the positive H Pylori marker, as they may like to investigate this further.

We recommend informing your GP about the elevated Calprotectin marker, as they may like to investigate this further.

Your recommendations

The primary aims of your program are to support the growth of the beneficial, gut microbiome regulating bacteria, lower the levels of the less beneficial organisms, and to support the immune system along the gut lining.

You can find the key features of your program in your dashboard. These include:

I recommend that you follow this program for 8 - 12 weeks, using the Modified Healthpath plate first, changing gradually to the Healthpath plate from 6-8 weeks onwards.  

I have selected these from our library of evidence-based food plans, designed to improve gut health. This isn’t a prescription, instead the plans should act as a guide.

If you see foods that are a trigger for your symptoms, please feel free to swap them for others and aim to reintroduce later. Learn about our food approach

Additional suggestions

In light of your symptoms of heartburn, you may like to look into a device called an IQoro. This is a neuromuscular training device and may help to improve the severity of these symptoms by strengthening the lower  oesophageal sphincter. You can learn more about it here: IQoro 

In light of your symptoms, you may like to look into an App called Nerva. Nerva uses clinically proven hypnotherapy techniques, delivered via an app, to help you 'fix' the miscommunication between your gut and brain. It has clinical research to show it is as effective as the Low FODMAP diet in those with IBS. Learn more about it here:

Given your history/test results/medications/nature of your symptoms, you may find it beneficial to work with a practitioner. I would recommend **add name** from our team, as they are very experienced with *xxx*. 

Meet our team though, to pick the practitioner that feels right for you. Learn about our consultations here.

While these results are indicating areas to support, they don’t offer a clear reason for your symptoms. It may be beneficial to test the bacterial balance in the small intestine with a SIBO breath test, particularly if your bloating is happening within 1 hour of eating. Learn about our tests

Given your results, it may be beneficial to test the bacterial balance in the small intestine with a SIBO breath test, particularly if your bloating is happening within 1 hour of eating. Learn about our tests

However, the supplements I’ve picked for you will help to rebalance the small intestine if you wanted to move forward without testing further.

What happens next

Grab a cuppa, and take some time to read through your results. Explore the recommendations and resources I’ve provided for you, in your dashboard. This is a great way to set yourself up for success.

Your plan has everything you need to get started. But we’re here to help if you need us.

Register for our support groups, run online, twice a month. 

Learn more about our service and the options available.

As a final point, remember that test results are just one piece of your health puzzle. The best way to feel great is through small, targeted actions—and you have everything you need here to get started.

In health,

Martin Cohen

Important disclaimer: 

While testing can be helpful in finding the underlying reasons for your symptoms, they’re only one part of the picture and we don’t recommend using the results in isolation. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, planning on becoming pregnant, taking medication, or seeking diagnoses for a medical condition, consult with a qualified Functional Medicine practitioner and your local GP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the subscription for?

This is a monthly, paid subscription at £19.99 per month.

Our team of qualified, registered nutritional therapists and functional medicine practitioners are on hand, with advice you can trust.

You’ll get access to information and education you won’t find anywhere else. Our advice is based on the latest science and takes an evidence-based approach to gut health, focusing on nutrition, movement, mindset, behavioural change and creating a sustainable lifestyle.

This is a great way to access ongoing group support at an accessible, affordable price.

You’ll receive:

  • Educational webinars, videos and articles on a wide-range of health topics
  • Asnswers to your questions in our weekly Q&As, or 24/7 through our private help centre
  • Support and motivation from like-minded people in our community
  • Educational resources and videos in our library on a huge range of topics
  • Lifestyle content including breathwork, meditations and hypnotherapy
  • Healthy lifestyle habits including breathwork, meditations and hypnotherapy sessions

You can watch the videos and use the resources in your own time. You can get support at any time by logging into the community forum.

What's expected of me in the community?

What’s that saying… the more you put in, the more you get out of it! We’d welcome you to post as often or as little as you like.

Share hints, tips, and recipes and general support for your fellow members.

Encourage your fellow members. What’s worked for you? What’s not?

We’ll be giving out prizes for those able to contribute regularly to the community.

The community will be monitored by our qualified and registered health coaches, however the support and interaction you give each other will be invaluable.

But of course, you can do this in the safe knowledge that our team are on hand to signpost you to expert information you can trust.

We encourage you to update your profile with ‘about me’ details and a profile photo so that your fellow members can share in and support your progress. (This is of course optional).

We ask you to follow our community guidelines.

How much time will I need?

Join our weekly Q&A to get your questions answered by one of the UK’s leading health practitioners, Alex Manos. This is usually an hour but you can dip in and out.

We also have some longer webinars and educational sessions for you each week.

In our library, each bite-sized video and article will take just a few minutes of your time but provide you with valuable education that will support your health goals.

Depending on which meals you choose to cook from your health plan, you may spend 15 to 30 minutes on food prep each day.

Do what you feel you can manage. The idea is to make small, sustainable shifts in your eating habits and lifestyle.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel at any time, whenever you feel ready.

Our team are here to help you put health change into action. When you feel able to go it alone, you’re welcome to cancel.

Remember that health change takes time, and we’re all different – some people will feel the effects of their plan very quickly, others may need a little longer. You can expect to need our support for a few months to feel the benefit.

Your cancellation will prevent the next payment from being taken.

Why are you charging for this service?

By choosing to buy a test with Healthpath, you already get the insights of an advanced test, an experienced practitioner review and a 12 week health plan, for the price of the test.

After working with over 11000 clients, we understand that we all tackle health change differently. Some go all in: give them a plan and they follow it to the letter. Some of us need a little more support to make those lasting changes and put those steps into action.

By joining our membership, you’ll have access to a huge amount of resources, information and answers you simply can’t get anywhere else.

This is an affordable, accessible way to get support with your health goals over a longer period.

Is this suitable if I’ve had 121 consultations or am planning to?

Our new service is a great way to get cost-effective support in a group setting.

If you’re already planning to have 1 to 1 support from a practitioner, you will find this provides a different kind of support. Usually, you will see a practitioner once a month or every few weeks. But sometimes we have a few smaller questions along the way, and don’t have access to a practitioner all the time.

With group support, you’ll have access to more regular advice from experts, the support from fellow members in the community, plus all our educational content such as webinars, articles, videos and events. Not to mention our exclusive discounts!

Will you support me if I don’t buy this service?

Our team of Nutritional Therapists are able to provide high-level advice on the plan created by your practitioner, based on your symptoms and test results.

However, if you need more detailed advice and are not part of our membership, we will ask you to book a consultation with one of our practitioners.

Working with a practitioner is a 1 to 1 service and can be invaluable for some people. It comes at a higher price than our group membership support, due to the level of personal care and time spent with you by a practitioner.

Will I get 1 to 1 support?

No, membership support service is a group setting, rather than 1 to 1 support. This is to make sure we can provide affordable access to ongoing support for those who would welcome it.

It is possible to add 1 to 1 support with a practitioner, through personal consultations at either 90, 60 or 30 minutes each. This highly personalised support can be a really effective, and sometimes necessary, part of the health puzzle but is not financially accessible to everyone and usually happens once a month or so.

By using our new group support membership, you’re able to access support and advice whenever you need that extra help – not just when you have an appointment with a practitioner.